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Miami Commercial Litigation Attorney Protecting Your Interests In Business Deals And Breach Of Contract

Litigation can deliver a devastating blow to the very existence of an enterprise. While legal fees are a natural concern, sometimes litigation is unavoidable to protect your business and ensure its survival. Attorney Sergiu Gherman strives to provide exceptional and cost-conscious legal advocacy to minimize client’s financial burden. If litigation is imminent, he will aggressively pursue the client’s goals while minimizing cost and expense through early resolution and alternative dispute resolution.

Gherman Legal represents business owners, business partners and investors, vendors and suppliers, and other parties in all facets of contract law and commercial litigation in Miami and Broward County. Sergiu Gherman is an experienced negotiator and trial lawyer with a strong track record of getting the results his clients need.

Breach Of Contract

A breach of contract occurs when a party fails to fulfill the obligations outlined in a signed agreement. This can manifest in various ways, such as:

  • Failure to deliver promised goods or services
  • Nonpayment of agreed-upon fees
  • Violation of specific clauses within the contract
  • Misrepresentations or omissions in negotiating business deals

Exploring Remedies And Taking Action

The first and sometimes easiest avenue for resolution is direct negotiation and resolution with the other party or parties to the contract. Mr. Gherman is a skilled and knowledgeable negotiator who may be able to convince the other party to honor the terms of the contract or an agreed-upon compromise in lieu of escalating the dispute.

Some contracts have a clause requiring arbitration or alternative dispute resolution. Sergiu can represent you in arbitration, mediation or other out-of-court processes when it is mandated or when it is prudent to avoid the cost and risks of litigation.

In some cases it may be necessary or strategic to file a lawsuit to recover your monetary losses or to compel the other party to honor the contract. Conversely, you may be sued or countersued in relation to a purported breach of contract. In either case, you would want a skilled trial lawyer guiding you and protecting your interests.

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Get An Experienced Litigator On Your Side

Sergiu Gherman has been practicing since 2006 in the areas of contract law and commercial litigation, from the sports and entertainment industries to contract disputes in construction, retail and B2B commerce. He will explain your legal remedies and explore the strategies and solutions that best fit your circumstances.

To discuss your business contract dispute, call Gherman Legal in downtown Miami at 305-390-1945 or use the online form to describe your situation and arrange a consultation.