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Our firm's general practice falls into four areas: (1) local/regional disputes arising from evictions and foreclosures, (2) state-wide disputes relating to human rights and personal injury, as well as insurance coverage disputes, negligence, wrongful death, products and professional liability, (3) state- and nation-wide disputes relating to international sales of goods, and relating to music copyrights, and (4) East-European emerging markets, such as Republic of Moldova.

A savvy business will occasionally avoid a lawsuit by taking a conciliatory stance.  Most often it costs less in the long run to tone down the lawsuit while it is in its initial stages. This way the client can focus on running the business.

If all else fails, litigating a case to prepare for trial is the correct solution. Most cases settle during litigation. Often, litigation is the swiftest path to the desired outcome.

A creative and individualized approach to resolution of complex matters is taken in every case. In addition to all areas of litigation our firm conducts, the firm provides to the clients appeals of the matters.  Appellate representation includes the prosecution and opposition to interlocutory appeals, including writs, as well as plenary appeals.  A thorough analysis of the merits of the appeal, responses, replies, and the motion practice are a part of the service.

Foreign entrepreneurs and businesses seeking expansion into the United States market by incorporating in Florida need to understand the financial system of this country and of this state.  In essence, we draft your expectations into a particular document. We can help the expansion of your business through numerous types of services, including, but not limited to:

  • Advice and drafting of corporate documents
  • Franchise agreements
  • Multi-tiered operating agreements
  • Joint-venture documents
  • Various non-compete agreements
  • Contracts
  • Contractual assignments
  • Loans